About BRONZAIS


    Bronzais is a fashion label designed in London, United Kingdom.

    Founded in 2017, and having drawn a loyal customer-base worldwide, Bronzais strives to deliver the highest quality pieces crafted from the finest fabrics.



    You will feel comfortable, sexy and luxurious in Bronzais.

    Not only does wearing Bronzais make you feel like the ultimate baddie, our pieces are super wearable and practical. Beauty and comfort IS possible in the fashion world and this fusion is indestructible.

    We pride ourselves by creating pieces that will make you feel exotic, elite and elegant. Our eye-catching pieces will be sure to turn heads and are one of a kind, because that's what YOU are -- one of a kind.



    Our quest is to promote individuality and uniqueness channeled through our top-tier designs. Self-expression through style is an art form.

    Diversity and inclusivity is imperative to the fashion world and we strongly advocate this movement. Anybody can wear Bronzais, fashion is a one-size-fits all.



    Our mantra is "Be Unapologetically You". Never apologise for being you. The classic Bronzais girl is not worrying about other people, she's busy manifesting the life of her dreams.

    This is what our brand is about. Being fearless, fierce and channelling your unique self. Our story shows that consistence, passion, and determination can bring your dreams to life. Remember, envision the girl you want to be and show up as her. every. single. day.


    JOIN US...

    The most rewarding part of Bronzais is seeing our beautiful customers style, wear and adore our pieces all over the world.

    We absolutely love celebrating our customers, so be sure to tag us on your socials so we can show off your style and feature you.

    Can't wait for you to join the #bronzaisbabes family.



    Stella, Founder of Bronzais.